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I'm merely a young woman striving to find my place in the world. I attend culinary school as a baking and pastry arts major in college, I sew, draw, game, dream.. I love lolita fashion, anime, and so much more. Hopefully I can share my love of things with those of you who also love these things! Have a nice day!

My AION Cosplay group !!! More can be found on facebook @ Shiaya Cosplay and Sequin’s Art! 

Beautiful! <3
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My AION Cosplay group !!! 
More can be found on facebook @ Shiaya Cosplay and Sequin’s Art! 

Beautiful! <3

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Then and Now 

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Lindsey Stirling - "Shatter Me"

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I’m sitting here, heart broken and you’re probably happy enjoying your new life.


Why did you give up so easily?

Why did you not fight to get me back? Why?

You just gave up, forgot about me and found someone else.

Do you have any idea how much it hurts? Do you think it was easy for me…

I honestly hope that things get better for you. :( You probably don’t want a reply from a stranger, but I hope that things take a turn for the better and that life gives you much happiness soon.

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This is my Aion Cosplay for Vancouver Canada’s Anime convention 2013. 

What is it?: 

It is from the MMORPG on-line computer game called Aion It’s a Elyos NPC (Non-Player-Character) That stands in the Abyss in an Area called “Reshanta” in “Teminon Landing”. His name is “Chrioz” from the “Nezekan’s Shield Legionary”. 


I have always loved fantasy characters, especially really detailed epic intense detail ones, and especially fantasy suits of armour like this one in particular, that is why I really like the style and look of everything in Aion. I needed an idea for my next cosplay idea, so once I saw this, I just had to go all out and make an obnoxiously unnecessary detailed intense cosplay, and this was going to be it. 

What it is made of: 

The materials I used to construct this was half inch thick Foam mats for the base parts and thin craft foam for the detail and Pink Panther pink wall insulation foam for the sword and shield. I sanded the edges down with a Dremel sanding tool and sand paper to smooth the sword and shield and glued together with lots of hot glue and painted with acrylic paints. Feathers from

How long did it take to make: 

A very long time, just glad it’s done. I went through allot to make this, it was crazy. But if I was to put all the hours together with out breaks and days off as if I was making it non-stop, I’d say about 4 weeks, it was very, very, very time consuming with every bit. I constructed this entire costume all by my self with no help from no one but me, my self and I :)

The process: 

Take screen shots of the in game character, print out screen shots, draw out each piece, sit and think about how I’m going to construct each piece. Draw each piece out on foam and cut it out. Sand all the necessary edges down and glue, burn my self multiple times. Hope for the best that it’s all the right size and fits and paint. :)

Other Information: 

I made this not knowing what I was getting my self into and with no experience what so ever but only my imagination and artsy skills, Google tutorial searches and YouTube Video tutorials for tips and tricks and ideas on how to construct it and materials. The foam armour community is huge and the most popular foam suits are Iron man and and Halo.

Thanks’ to… and… for their main support and help with their YouTube tutorial videos who got me started. :)

Thank you all for your support and positive feedback. :)

More pictures:…

Video of my costume:

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hello kidney: my search for a kidney transplant



My name is Victoria. I’m a twenty five year old college student. I model and run a fashion blog. I live in Connecticut, where I’m dating a great guy and play kitty-mommy to two tuxedo kittens. This is my tumblr about my search for a kidney transplant and organ donation.

Although a blogger…

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Some Things to Consider

You might all think I’m crazy, but… Yes, yes I am. Normal is boring. Besides, you’re all crazy (in a good way). You all like different things, you all think in different ways. Just because our interests and likes aren’t 100% the same does not imply that I’m wrong, or that you’re wrong (unless you are, in which case, you’re wrong) but opinions differ, and that’s the point of living. So you know what? Just leave me alone on some things! So what if I like interesting things like space and the blood moon and so on and so forth. So what if I’m fascinated by the idea of some concepts that might scare you? Half of the things that the people I’m around say I completely disagree with, but just because you like horror movies or z…those things…. does not mean that you’re a bad person. You’re just crazy. In your own lovable way. *coughexceptforthereallycrazypeoplewholikethosezmonsterscough*
See? Matter of opinion. Accept people for who they are, or don’t. I’m not changing who I am to suit you.

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Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.

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